I live in Hampshire in the UK and being semi retired I am able to pursue my hobby of photography and also fund what can be a significantly expensive pastime. 

Paradise Bay Antarctic Peninsula

Paradise Bay Antarctic Peninsula

Like so many others my interest started in my early 20's when I was the owner of a Zenit E camera. This was made in Russia and had Pentax thread interchangeable lenses. I could only afford the kit lens at the time but managed to take a number of images with which I was quite pleased.

I later progressed to an Olympus system and gradually acquired more kit which my children occasionally helped to carry. Whilst this was not always a popular pastime for them they should be really grateful that they do not have to lug around the Canon equipment which I now use.

I enjoyed processing my films and had a dedicated darkroom. This worked fine for black & white printing but when I tried colour there was so much wasted paper and chemicals that I shudder to think how much an individual print cost me.

Digital changed all that for the better as far as I was concerned and after not bothering with photography for many years I returned to it with new interest around 2003.

I am a member of Winchester and Bishops Waltham Photographic Societies.

I use Canon cameras and lenses exclusively apart from one Zeiss 21 mm f2.8 prime lens and a Fuji XT1 CSC which I am still learning to use. It is both difficult (and expensive) trying to keep pace with developing technology in the world of photography. I use a Canon Pixma Pro 1 printer which gives me stunning print quality for both colour and monochrome.